How Mercury can help your establishment

Be seen as an innovator in the industry

Adopting Mercury will give you the possibility to be seen as a trendsetter in the hospitality industry.

Brush up your results with data-driven decisions

Improve your guest experience by tracking what is going on in your hotel in real time, so you can take better decisions, provide better services, and obtain better results.

How Mercury can help your guests

Book your stay through the APP Calendar

Make your guest independent to book, plan and view their stay through the hotel calendar.

Contactless experience

The virtual concierge allows your guests to digitise the way they make their special requests, such as special birthday or events arrangements, room upgrades or even late check-outs requests.

Increase guest loyalty

Gift your guests with rewards and other privileges as a token of appreciation for their trust in the services offer by the hotel.

Bring your guests stay to life before it even begins

Create excitement for your guests after they book with beautiful imagery, a countdown, and all the stay details that they need.

We are dedicated to creating the tools that you need to unlock the full potential of hospitality in your establishment.